What is the working principle and application of a horizontal mixer?

What is the working principle and application of a horizontal mixer?

The working principle of a horizontal spiral belt mixer is gravity free. The horizontal cylinder is equipped with double axis rotating blades that rotate in opposite directions. The blades form a certain angle to circulate and stir the material along the axial and radial directions, making it quickly and evenly mixed. The performance characteristics of a horizontal mixer are that the rotation speed of the shaft driven by the reducer and the structure of the blades will weaken the gravity of the material. With the lack of gravity, there are particle sizes The significant difference in specific gravity is ignored during the mixing process. The intense stirring movement shortens the mixing time, making it faster and more efficient. Even if there are differences in the specific gravity and particle size of the materials, good mixing results can be achieved under the rapid and violent flipping and scattering of staggered mixing blades.

SRL-W Series Horizontal Mixing Unit

Horizontal mixer application

The horizontal mixer is used for the mixing of solid and solid (i.e. powder and powder) solid slurry (i.e. powder and slurry) in pesticides, veterinary drugs, food, chemicals, biology, aquaculture, ceramics, refractory materials, plastics, composite fertilizers, etc. It is also particularly suitable for the mixing of viscous materials.