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This PVC Mixer machine used in mixing,stirring,drying,coloring of plastics,rubber chemicals for daily use.It is an ideal advance equipment of producing plastic board, pipe,profile and degradation plastics.We digest and absorb foreign advanced technology in making mixer,which adopts the vacuum mixing principle.PLC controlling,which has character of high automation,quick mixing,the blade is precisely cast of stainless steel and treated by dynamic and static balancing.Especially,the blades of cooling machine adopt the advanced spiral stirring structure,which avoid dead angle,and with the feature of quick cooling,thoroughly discharging,high efficient of mixing.
The PVC mixer machines are widely used in mixing,drying,coloring for all kinds of resin such as PVC,PP,PE.This high speed mixer can also be applied in dryness of ABS,polycarbonate,and mixing hydroxybenzene,Alde Hyde resin.PVC Mixer unit is composed of one hot mixing pot and one cooling pot,the materials from hot mixer will be filled into the cooling mixer automatically,so it and eliminate humidity,and protect from agglomeration.
SRL-Z mixing unit
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