What is the discharge method of the horizontal mixer?

What is the discharge method of the mixer?

Horizontal Mixing Machine discharge method: The powder material adopts a pneumatic large door structure, which has the advantages of fast discharge and no residue; High fineness materials or semi fluid materials use manual or pneumatic butterfly valves. Manual butterfly valves are economical and applicable, and pneumatic butterfly valves have good sealing performance for semi fluid, but their cost is higher than manual butterfly valves. In situations where heating or cooling is required, a jacket can be configured.

Horizontal Ribbon Mixer

There are two heating methods available: electric heating and thermal oil heating: electric heating is convenient, but the heating speed is slow and the energy consumption is high; The heating of heat transfer oil requires the configuration of an oil pot, oil guiding power, and pipelines, which requires a large investment, but the heating speed is fast and the energy consumption is low. The cooling process can directly inject cooling water into the jacket, which has a large heat exchange area and fast cooling speed. The motor is directly connected to the mixing spindle through a cycloidal pinwheel reducer, with a simple structure, high reliability of operation, and convenient maintenance.