What are the reasons that can cause abnormal discharge of the horizontal mixer?

The abnormal discharge of the horizontal mixer may be due to the following reasons:

Horizontal Ribbon Mixer

1. The uniformity of the mixing in the horizontal mixer is not sufficient. We need to see if there is a large gap on the spiral side, which causes residue and uneven mixing between each batch of materials. It is recommended to clean the equipment after mixing each batch of materials.

2. The feeding speed causes uneven mixing. At this point, we need to check if the feeding speed is slow, and if the belt is slipping and affecting the speed.

3. Check if the bearings of the elevator have powder added. If the bearings have powder added, it will increase friction and affect efficiency.

4. Whether the horizontal mixer is overloaded or not, each dry powder mixer equipment has the maximum carrying capacity, and exceeding a certain amount will cause uneven mixing.

5. Check if there are any issues with the dry powder and if impurities are involved. When choosing a dry powder mixer, it is important to note that too many impurities can lead to uneven product.

6. If the mixing is uneven, it is also necessary to consider the unloading time. If the mixing time is too short or the unloading time is too long, the residual rate is high.