Why are high-speed mixers so widely used?

We all know that the high-speed mixer is suitable for mixing powder, toner, additives, masterbatch, plastic box particles and other materials. The working principle is to use the special blade structure to make the material form a vortex-like high-speed stirring and heat modification. So why are its uses so extensive? It will be introduced below.

1. Equipment characteristics

The high-speed mixer adopts an all-copper wire motor, which starts at low speed and runs at high speed; at the same time, the motor is equipped with a thermal protection switch to effectively protect the motor;
The barrel body is covered with heat insulation layer to reduce heat loss and effectively protect the safety of operators; the bearing is made of imported material and sealed with polytetrafluoroethylene, which has the characteristics of good sealing performance and long service life;
The arc design of the bottom of the barrel ensures that there is no dead angle when the material is stirred; at the same time, the bottom of the barrel is double-layer sealed, so there is no flying dust. There are two optional heating modes, one is electric heating, and the other is dry self-friction heating, which has the characteristics of saving energy;

High Speed Mixing Machine
2. Diversity of models

There are many models of high-speed mixers, and many users have a headache when purchasing; because of the diversity of models, on the one hand, they can meet the needs of users; on the other hand, they can better improve production and efficiency. Therefore, when we are selecting models, we should inform the manufacturers of the characteristics, output and requirements of our materials, and listen to the selection suggestions;

3. Perfect service

The service is based on the basic concept of serving customers, meeting user needs, solving user problems, and bringing certain convenience to users. Users are before, during, and after purchase, before use, and after use; while the manufacturer’s service starts from pre-sales -In-sales-after-sales service, based on the concept of serving users, truly solves user problems and helps users.