What Factors Determine the Working Efficiency of High Speed Mixer?

The level of mixer operating efficiency is mainly determined by the level of manufacturing accuracy of the mixer’s model and its equipment. In general, the mixing time required for the horizontal mixer is relatively short, and the vertical mixer takes longer. Of course, other factors such as the type of raw material and its physical properties also affect the length of the mixing time.
Mixing the outdoor wall cavity of the high speed mixer, heating with resistance, heating and heating, and then adding various raw materials according to formula into the mixing chamber. When the stirring slurry in the mixing chamber rotates at a high speed, the raw material near the stirring slurry is affected by the blade surface. The friction force and the blade end face push away from the agitator paddle; under the effect of the high-speed rotation centrifugal force, these materials are thrown into the mixing chamber wall and become the raw material for continuous wall collision. Under the thrust of the material, the collision material is along the mixing chamber. When the inner wall rises to a certain height, the gravity of the raw material causes it to fall back to the center of the mixing chamber, and then it is thrown out by the rotating blade, repeating the original movement; since the mixing chamber also has a baffle, it can Destruction of the movement of raw materials in a more regular manner disturbs the direction of movement of the material. As a result of the mixing movement of the various types of material in the kerfs, friction and squeezing between raw materials occur, and this creates a certain amount of material between the writing materials. Frictional heat; In addition, sometimes the compounding of the raw materials also requires the heating of the mixed outdoor, then the mixture is heated, due to the combined effect of these conditions, Various blended material bonded to obtain a homogeneous mixing chamber.


When we choose high speed mixers, of course, priority is given to work efficiency which is specifically reflected in the following three aspects:
1. The mixer is simple and sturdy, and the door switch is flexible. It is convenient for sampling and cleaning, easy operation and suitable power support.
2. High mixing uniformity, less material residue, short mixing time, high production efficiency, and with the entire mixer unit.
3. Under the premise of ensuring the mixing quality, the energy consumption of the mixer is low.