Useful PVC formula

Today, Beier Machinery introduce some useful formulas of PVC products for you. Welcome to exchange information with us.

PVC drain pipe: PVC100, coarse whiting250, stearic acid1.8, paraffin0.3, stabilizer5.6, CPE20, titanium dioxide3.5

PVC threading pipe: PVC100, light calcium50, lead salt stabilizer3.6, CPE4.8, paraffin0.3, stearic acid0.8, titanium dioxide0.8

PVC water supply pipe: PVC100, compound lead salt stabilizer2.27, paraffin0.1, PE-wax0.13, stearic acid0.3, monostearin0.5, CPE3, ACR1.0, light calcium40, titanium dioxide1.0

PVC high-filled wood flour: PVC100, compound stabilizer4, foaming telogen11, monostearin0.5, PE-wax1.3, stearic acid0.5, wood flour30,  calcium powder200, AC foaming agent2, suitable amount of pigment, feed back60

PVC profile: PVC100, light calcium30, broken profile material30, pipe material2.5, CPE8, titanium dioxide4.5, ACR2, calcium zinc stabilizer4.3, stearic acid0.3, paraffin0.2, fluorescent brightener 0.038, ultramarine0.03, calcium stearate0.1

PVC transparent sheet: PVC100, ACR1.2, MBS5.0, organotin1.2.70S 0.8,16,0.5

PVC switch box: PVC100, light calcium30, compound lead salt stabilizer3.6, ACR2.0,DOP3, stearic acid1.0, paraffin0.3, PE-wax0.35, brightener0.02, titanium dioxide1.6