Technical Characteristics of Vertical High Speed Mixer Machine

The vertical high speed mixer machine is a high-efficiency mixing equipment newly developed by Beier company in combination with advanced technology at home and abroad. It can be applied to the mixing, batching, drying and coloring of various plastics. It is an ideal equipment for producing profiles and pipes.
Technical Characteristics of Vertical High Speed Mixer Machine:
1. The lid of the vertical high speed mixer uses double-channel sealing. The cold-mixing also adopts an arched lid, which is not easy to be deformed. The pot lid and the three-way are all made of cast aluminum, and the barrel body is made of stainless steel sheet;
2. The hot mixing has self-friction and electric heating dual-channel performance;
3. The high speed mixer machine uses the centrifugal force. The bottom feeding blade continuously feeds the bottom material along the cylinder wall, and the upper material falls downward from the center, so that the material continuously circulates to form a spiral shape;
4. The blade is made of SUS304, which is tested by dynamic and static balance, and specially designed for spindle sealing;

high-speed mixer-machine

5. High-speed mixer equipment channel steel and steel plate welding integrated design, compact structure, beautiful shape;
6. The equipment consists of the bottom feeding blade and the high-speed particle paddle. It is especially suitable for adding liquid when the material is stirred. The feeding blade continuously feeds the bottom material continuously along the wall of the tube. The high-speed scraper blades completely break up the material from the bucket. The material is circulated to form a spiral shape, and the purpose of mixing the materials uniformly is completed in a short time;
7. The high-speed debris blade air pressure completely breaks the block material sent from the feeding blade;
8. The speed of the blade of the high-speed mixer is fast, and the mixing speed and uniformity are not achieved by the original low-speed mixer. The mixed material has no granularity in the middle and the mixing uniformity is very high;
9. Vertical high speed mixer machine has high discharge speed, high work efficiency and easy cleaning of equipment.