SHL Series Cooling Mixer

SHL Series Cooling Mixer Function and structure:

SHL series cooling mixer combined with SHR series high speed mixer is widely used in process of mixing ,drying and colouring of various plastics.It can cool materials fast which have just fuinished heat mixing to get rid of special gases remaining in heat mixed materials and is beneficial to the materials storage,tranfer and after process.It is one of the necessary equipments in field of plastics processing.

It is ideal for you to buy SHL series cooling mixer with advaned design,easy operation,safe and reliable property,small size ,light weight,high efficiency,low energy consumption,low noise and corrosion resistance.

SHL Series Cooling Mixer Machine Function and structure:

Model Total capacity Effective capacity Motor Main Shaft Speed Cooling method Discharge method
SHL-200A 200 130 7.5 200 Water cooling Pneumatic
SHL-500A 500 330 11 130
SHL-800A 800 500 15 100
SHL-1000A 1000 650 15 100
SHL-1600A 1600 1000 30 70