How to Maintain High Speed Mixer

The high speed mixer allows the material to be fully mixed, which can easily realize the advantages of heating, cooling, lifting, vacuum pumping, explosion-proof and liquid spraying. Today I will introduce how to maintain the high speed mixer.
Maintenance regulations shall be formulated for high speed mixers in operation. In addition to general equipment maintenance rules, the following matters shall be noted:
1. It must be carried out according to the operation rules of the equipment. This is the best maintenance for the high speed mixer.
2. Attention should be paid to the normal mixing of the equipment and the addition of materials. The addition should be slowly added as required.
3. Sealing rings, rubber rings for couplings, V-belt and rolling bearings should be provided. The working parts of these parts are easy to break down and should be replaced in time if necessary.
4. Check whether the fasteners are loosened regularly < the first quarter in general); Check the tightness of V-belt installation; Clean up the dirt and dust in all parts of the equipment.

The maintenance of mixer can usually be done once a year. Pay attention to the following points:
1. Inspection and repair of impeller, scraper and mixing chamber should meet the requirements of the following table.
2. Remove all rolling bearings, clean and check; replace worn parts seriously. Replace grease and sealing ring.
3. Check whether the main transmission shaft is bent or worn.
4. Check the cleaning cylinder, replace the seal ring and guide sleeve fragile parts, check whether there is bending deformation and wear phenomenon of the felt piston rod.
5. Make a good record of the main parts after checking, test if necessary, prepare parts and accessories, put forward the next repair and replacement.