How many feeding methods are there for high-speed mixers?

How many feeding methods are there for high-speed mixer?


High speed mixer is a widely used mixing mechanical equipment, which has efficient mixing characteristics and is favored by friends. For example, for mixers suitable for coloring and drying raw materials, in order to reasonably improve production efficiency, the feeding method during production is more important.

High speed mixer is a type of vertical mixer, and the feeding port of the machine equipment is generally 1.5 meters higher than the horizontal plane. So, what aspects should users pay attention to when selecting the feeding method?

High-speed Mixer

1. Screw feeding machine feeding. After the high-speed mixer is installed in place, use a screw feeder to add material to its mixing pot. The height of the storage hopper of the general feeding machine can be freely designed and manufactured. In the industry, the height of the storage hopper is generally designed to be 650-700mm, which can effectively reduce the workload of workers during feeding. This feeding method feeds raw materials in powder, particle and other states through screws. According to the size of the high-speed mixer model, the feeding amount can be controlled through a level gauge or a time relay. The spiral feeding machine is characterized by fast feeding, convenient operation, and safety.


2. Vacuum feeding machine feeding. This is a feeding method using negative pressure vacuum. It consists of a vortex air pump, suction pipe, suction pipe, vacuum transition bucket, and electrical control cabinet. Especially for powder feeding, it can effectively suppress dust overflow and has the characteristics of fast feeding speed, small footprint, and high degree of automation. The vacuum feeding machine can be placed according to the on-site situation, making it convenient to use.

3. Manual feeding. Manual feeding is significantly time-consuming and labor-intensive, requiring actual workers to climb onto the base of the mixer and open the lid before the feeding operation can be carried out.