High Speed Plastic PVC Compounding Mixer

High Speed Plastic PVC Compounding Mixer is mainly used for mixing, coloring and drying of PVC powder material and PP/PE compounding. PVC compounding mixer can also be applied in dryness of ABS.
This PVC Compounding Mixer consists of hot mixer and cooling mixer. The hot mixer work with heating function for good mixing and plasticizing. The material after processed in the hot mixer will be discharged into the cooling mixer. In the process of cooling mixing, hot gases will be exhausted and material be cooled down.


High Speed Plastic PVC Compounding Mixer Features:
1. Mixed materials are made by negative pressure mixed principle
2. The electrical instruments are all well-known imported appliances with PLC programmable control
3. High degree of automation and speed mixing.
4. The blade was made by stainless steel pressure and passed the static and dynamic balance test
5. Especially the coolant blade ued abroad advaned spiral mixing structure, the whole container has no dead angle, cooling speed and discharging clean.
6. Large volume.