Can you mix lithium and alkaline batteries?

Can you mix lithium and alkaline batteries?

No, ordinary disposable batteries are mostly alkaline. Rechargeable batteries generally include nickel hydrogen, nickel cadmium, etc. Mixing them together can cause chaos in their internal electric fields, with unpredictable consequences. New and old batteries cannot be mixed. The voltage and internal resistance of rechargeable batteries are different from those of ordinary batteries. In short, don’t mix it up.

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When batteries are run in series, and they usually are, you should make sure they all have approximately the same charge remaining. If one loses charge before the others, its voltage will drop and eventually reverse. That reverses the chemistry as well in unpredictable ways. In other words, it may leak and “slow motion” explode.

In short, NO. Use batteries of the same brand and age. If rechargeable, then same charge state.