BR-BD Series Bonding Mixing Machine

BR-BD series bonding mixing machine is professional equipment for the production of metal bonding powder, which perfectly passes the metal powder into the surface of the powder coating particles to complete the process of metal powder coating bonding, such as aluminum powder, copper powder, etc.

Bonding Mixing Machine

Bonding Mixing Machine Features:

1. Safe and reliable, equipped with a nitrogen generator
2. Anti-explosion system for mixing tank
3. Heating and temperature control system
4. The mixing machine has PLC touch screen operating system
5. Gas detection device

Bonding Mixer Machine Detail:

Bonding Mixing Machine

Technical Parameter:

Model BR-BD200/500 BR-BD200/800 BR-BD300/600 BR-BD500/1000
Output capacity(kg/batch/min) 50-80/6-20 50-80/6-20 60-100/6-20 100-150/6-20
Output (Kg/h) 300-400 300-400 400-600 600-800
Motor power (KW) 45/7.5 45/7.5 Nov-55 75/15
Cooling medium Cooling water ≤7℃
Gas N2  inert Gas N2