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Advantages of SRL-Z Series Vertical Mixing Unit

SRL-Z series vertical mixing units are widely used in mixing,drying,coloring for all kinds of resin such as PVC,PP,PE. They can also be applied in dryness of ABS,polycarbonate,and mixing hydroxybenzene,Alde Hyde resin.
This unit is composed of one hot mixing pot and one cooling mixer automatically,so it and eliminate humidity,and protect from agglomeration.

SRL-Z Series Vertical Mixing Unit

Advantages of SRL-Z series vertical mixing unit:
It is ideal auxiliary equipment for profile and pipes production line.
Its heating mixer has function of self-friction and electric heating.
Dual-sealing is adopted in producing the pot cover, cooling mixer used arched pot cover to avoid distortion.
It has features of compact structure and good looking appearance.
All the paddles has passed the test of static and dynamaic equilibrium.

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