What are the reasons that affect the mixing time of High Speed Mixing Machine materials?

The Высокоскоростная смесительная машина is a kind of mixer equipment with high-efficiency mixing and high efficiency. Generally, the mixing time of a pot of material is only about 3-8 minutes, and some users report that the mixing time of the high-speed mixer is very long. In most cases, when such an abnormal failure occurs, Kede Machinery will send an after-sales technician to the customer’s mixer equipment site to check. After checking and communicating with the customer, it is known that the reason is to change the mixing ratio of the material, resulting in longer mixing time. What other reasons will affect the long mixing time?+


1. In order to achieve efficient mixing capacity, the mixer equipment needs to be designed strictly according to the material. The mixing capacity is generally determined by the blade structure, rotational speed and the deflector inside the barrel of the high-speed mixer. In fact, different materials and characteristics require different structures and technical parameters;

2. The new high-speed mixer is designed according to the customer’s material and characteristics. If it is not replaced, the mixing time will not be too long if the material properties are quite different from the previous one. If you consider the purchase cost factor and hope that the equipment can adapt to the mixing of more materials, Kede Machinery here warmly suggests that you can purchase different paddle forms to solve this problem by replacing the paddles when production needs;

3. Compared with some old mixing equipment, the mixing time is long. The reason can be found out from the serious wear of the deflector and the paddle and solved. At this time, you can contact the manufacturer to explain the current status of the equipment, and then decide whether to repair or purchase a new equipment.

When the mixing equipment takes a long time to mix materials, don’t be nervous, think about how you operate it, and then combine the above to find out the reason and solve it, provided that you can do it within your ability.

When customers use high-speed mixer mixing equipment, the specific gravity of materials should not exceed the specified load coefficient. On the one hand, it will affect the mixing efficiency, and on the other hand, the mixing effect will not be good. The equipment itself has the characteristics of high-efficiency mixing and high efficiency. If you misuse it yourself, it will cause a series of problems. Wouldn’t the gain not be worth the loss? Therefore, during use, pay attention to some details and develop good usage habits.