What are the basic working principles of the high-speed mixer?

The function of высокоскоростной миксер equipment in work is mainly used for heat transfer of materials, so as to carry out work. There are also many types, some are based on the mixing form, and some are based on the mixing form. They are divided into different categories from the model and heat transfer, and the applications are also different in various industries. So what are its basic working principles?

высокоскоростной миксер-машина
According to different mixing process requirements, the mixing of materials requires different mixing environments and methods. A lot of auxiliary mixing functions are designed according to different mixing methods, and then different auxiliary functions are selected according to different mixing requirements. Heating is a common phenomenon during mixing of heated or cooled materials.

1. Some mixed materials themselves contain a certain amount of water. During the mixing process, the high-speed mixer can dry the water by simple methods such as raising the temperature, so as to realize the practical function of simple mixing and drying in one step;

2. The mixing process of some materials requires a certain temperature environment to achieve and meet the original mixing characteristics of the materials and improve the uniformity of mixing.

According to different temperature requirements, there are three common heating methods: circulating oil heating, steam circulating heating, and adding heat transfer oil into the jacket.

In order to improve energy utilization efficiency, the outer layer of the heating jacket has an insulation layer to prevent heat energy from being dissipated in the air. In order to meet the heating requirements during the mixing process, the equipment generally requires other energy equipment. To exclude steam or other emitted substances generated by heating during the mixing process, the system needs to be equipped with a set of air induction system and dust removal system.