BEIER на выставке резины и пластика во Вьетнаме в Ханое

Знакомство с выставкой
The 9th Vietnam Hanoi International Plastic Industry Fair will be held in March 25-25, 2021 in Vietnam Hanoi International Convention and Exhibition Center, a total of 4 days. As a professional representative meeting of the plastics industry in the country, HanoiPlas fully covers the middle and lower reaches of the plastic industry, inviting international exhibitors, focusing on the expansion of the exhibition scale and quality improvement, designed to create a more professional exhibitors, international Strong event.

Range of exhibition
1. Plastic machinery and equipment: injection molding machine, blown film machine, plastic calender, hollow blow molding machine, plastic molding machine, plastic granulator, plastic extruder, press machine auxiliary, other plastic machinery, , Film drawing machine, foam equipment bag machine plastic recycling machinery and equipment
2 .. Rubber raw materials, additives and auxiliary materials Various plastic products and plastic thin rubber products semi-finished products, reinforced plastic
3. Rubber processing equipment and quality testing equipment
4. Printing & Packaging Machinery and Materials
5. Plastic molds and accessories

Market introduction
Vietnam’s population of 83 million, since joining the ASEAN Free Trade Area in 1955, established diplomatic relations with the United States, and the European Union signed a free trade agreement, joined APEC APEC in 1998, in January 2007 became the World Trade Organization WTO 150 Member States, the current Is the world’s second largest economic development rate of the country (second only to China). Vietnam’s plastics industry, raw materials and equipment are heavily dependent on imports: Vietnam’s plastics industry is now facing the lack of raw materials challenges, 90% rely on the operation of imported raw materials, raw materials produced by their own production can only provide 10% of raw material demand. According to statistics, the industry’s annual import volume of 160-200 million tons, the amount of imports of about 2.1 billion US dollars, the export export 750 million US dollars plastic mouth.

Vietnam is a close neighbor of China, since the Vietnamese government to implement the policy of reform and opening up, Vietnam’s economic development momentum is good, Sino-Vietnamese economic and trade relations show broad prospects for development. Due to the weak industrial base in Vietnam, about 90% of the machinery and equipment need to be imported, and China’s mechanical products in terms of price, quality and service at all levels than other countries similar products are more suitable for Vietnam’s current market demand, so Vietnam has a greater competition Advantage. At present, “China Machinery” brand has been widely accepted by the Vietnamese machinery market, and enjoy a high reputation.

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