What are the advantages of a lithium battery mixer compared to a typical model?


Lithium battery mixers have many application advantages and are also recognized as an ideal choice in the lithium battery industry to complete highly complex tasks. The lithium battery mixer has a unique mixing effect, allowing the battery slurry to quickly complete the mixing movement at the same weight, with high strength, no inefficient areas, and fast processing speed.

The lithium battery mixer is suitable for high viscosity, high solid content lithium ion power battery positive and negative paste (Lithium iron phosphate, lithium manganate, lithium cobalate, etc.) and can quickly adapt to different mixing and stirring processes. The lithium battery mixer has good vacuum retention, and the mixer can accurately control the temperature according to the predetermined temperature change curve. The lithium battery material processing process is not affected by external temperature and humidity, ensuring stable and excellent battery material quality.

دستگاه مخلوط کن پودر باتری لیتیوم

The lithium battery mixer cleans quickly and cleanly, and the positive and negative electrode slurry is prepared in the same equipment. The fully sealed design of the lithium battery mixer is reliable, and there is no material loss during the processing, ensuring accurate and unchanged formula, saving raw materials, and improving production quality and sustainability.