How to properly maintain and maintain the high-speed mixer?

After the high-speed mixer finishes mixing the materials, it only needs simple maintenance or does not pay attention to some details. The maintenance and maintenance are not in place, resulting in low mixing efficiency and reduced machine life. A maintenance system should be formulated. In addition to following the general equipment maintenance rules, it is also necessary to pay attention to daily maintenance and maintenance precautions.


 Precautions for maintenance and maintenance of high-speed mixer

1. After the first operation of the equipment for 10 hours, a comprehensive inspection should be carried out. If necessary, each connection part must be tightened once to prevent loosening;

2. Every part of the equipment should be kept clean, especially the inner wall of the mixing container and the discharge hole should be cleaned when refueling. If the equipment is not used for a long time, apply anti-rust grease to the inner wall and the discharge part to prevent rust;

3. Conduct regular inspections of electrical equipment, especially heaters, and replace them in time if any damage is found;

4. Regularly clean the electrical control box, and clean the dust on the electrical components to prevent damage to the contacts of the contactor;

5. The equipment needs frequent inspection and regular maintenance. When the vulnerable parts are damaged, they should be replaced and repaired in time.

6. After the equipment is started normally, add the materials and mix them, and add the materials slowly according to the required order;

7. Periodic inspection, (usually one quarter) to check whether the fasteners are loose and the tightness of the V-belt installation; in the article “Safe Operation Procedures for Novice Xiaobai to Operate High-speed Mixer”, you can also learn and apply it!


2. The maintenance of the high-speed mixer can be carried out once a year, and the following 4 points need to be paid attention to:

1. Disassemble each rolling bearing, clean and inspect it, and replace it immediately if the wear degree is serious;

2. Check whether the main drive shaft is worn or bent, and replace it in time;

3. Replace the sealant and damaged parts, and check whether the piston rod is worn or bent;

4. After the main parts are inspected, make detailed records and prepare accessories and parts for contingencies.