What are the operating procedures for high-speed mixers?

What are the operating procedures for high-speed mixers?


1、 Preparation before startup

(1) Keep all parts of the machine clean, especially the mixing container and discharge valve. The inner chamber should be cleaned to ensure that there are no hard objects or dirt.

(2) Conduct a detailed inspection to ensure that all connecting components of the machine are not loose, the connection of the heating and compressed air pipeline is tight without leakage, and all instrument indications are normal.

(3) Check whether each component has defects such as scratches and sticking, and lubricate each part strictly according to the lubrication regulations.

(4) Check whether the opening and closing actions of the discharge valve are flexible and free from blockage.

(5) Check if the mixing paddle is firmly installed, there is no grinding phenomenon between the scraper and the bottom of the pot, and a certain gap is maintained. When manually turning, the spindle should rotate lightly and flexibly.

(6) Check whether the electrical equipment is safe and reliable.

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2、 Precautions and safety regulations during high-speed mixer machine operation

(1) Always pay attention that the indicated value of the Ammeter does not exceed the rated value. If the indicated value of the Ammeter increases sharply, stop the machine immediately, find out the cause, and continue production after troubleshooting.

(2) Pay attention to whether the motor operates stably, without abnormal noise, and whether the temperature rise is normal.

(3) When replacing resin or pigment, the discharge valve and discharge cylinder wall of the mixing container must be cleaned thoroughly.

(4) The mixed material in the mixing container must be cleaned before the discharge valve can be closed to prevent the material from getting stuck in front of the valve and causing leakage.

(5) Pay attention to check whether the main shaft bearing, belt and other transmission parts are normal. In case of abnormal sound and vibration, stop rotating immediately, and replace and repair the damaged parts in time.

(6) Before starting the machine, it is not allowed to feed to reduce the overshoot resistance. During the operation of the machine, the plasticizer should be slowly added and should not be suddenly poured into the machine to avoid local material agglomeration and sudden increase in load.

(7) Startup sequence: close the discharge valve – feed – close the pot cover – start at low speed – start at high speed – mix according to process requirements – temperature – discharge

(8) Be careful not to switch from high speed to low speed