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pvc mixer machine
  • PVC High Speed Mixer Abnormal Situation How to Deal With

    In the process of using PVC high-speed mixer, there may be abnormal situations in some time, and people should do a good job in dealing with the related aspects actively so that the entire problem can be better solved. In the end the proc……

  • pvc-high-speed-mixer-machine
    Beier Machinery PVC High Speed Mixer Machine Introduction

    Beier Machinery PVC High Speed Mixer Machine is mainly used in mixing PVC and all kinds of plastic materials mixing, colouring, drying and etc in plastic, rubber, food-stuff, daily chemical industry and so on. Beier Machinery is high qua……

  • PVC-mixer-machine
    Beier Machinery High Quality PVC Mixer Machine

    Beier Machinery high quality PVC mixer machine is developed on the basis of introducing advanced technology from abroad, and it is mainly used for material-prescribing, mixing, coloring and desiccating various kinds of resin and PE, PP, P……

  • pvc-mixer-machine
    Beier Machinery High Speed PVC Mixer Machine

    Beier Machinery high speed PVC mixer machines are mainly used for mixing, colouring, drying and others. In plastic, rubber, food-stuff, daily chemical industry and so on. PVC mixing machine is an necessary auxillary machine for making pl……

  • PVC Mixer
    SRL-Z PVC Vertical Mixer Unit

    SRL-Z PVC Mixer Function and Structure: SRL-Z series PVC Mixer units are widely used in mixing, drying, coloring for all kinds of resin such as PVC, PP, PE. PVC mixer can also be applied in dryness of ABS, polycarbonate, and mixing hyd……

  • CHINAPLAS 2016

    Date:25-28 Apr, 2016 Location: Shanghai New International ExpoCenter CHINAPLAS 2016 is the world's second biggest international trade show for the plastics and rubber industry. It is held from 25 to 28 April 2016 in Shanghai New……

  • SHL series cooling mixer

    Function and structure: SHL series cooling mixer combined with SHR series high speed mixer is widely used in process of mixing ,drying and colouring of various plastics.It can cool materials fast which have just fuinished heat mixi……

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