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PVC Mixing News
  • The Function and Structure of Beier High Speed Mixer

    The high speed mixer machine using electromagnetic speed governing, frequency control and three-speed motor, is suitable for a variety of viscosity. Hydraulic lifting and mechanical lifting can adjust to different location. Explosion-proo……

  • cooler mixer
    The features of Beier cooler mixer

      Beier cooler mixer combined with SHR series high speed mixer is widely used in the process of mixing ,drying and coloring of various plastics. It can cool materials fast which have been just heated. It can also remove the specia……

  • The characteristics of PVC high speed mixer

    PVC high speed mixer machine is a kind of mechanical equipment that using mechanical force and gravity to mix up two or more than two materials. In the process of mixing, the surface area of the material can be increased to promote chemic……

  • Summer to the PVC product formula how to adjust

    Summer is coming soon, and some areas have reached the highest temperature of about 40 ℃. For pvc products, at higher temperatures, PVC molecules and small molecules exercise intensified, toughness, flexibility to improve a lot, or even s……

  • heater mixer
    The list of Excellent Enterprises in China Plastic Machinery Industry in 2016

    China Plastics Machinery Industry Association released the latest excellent enterprises in Chinese plastic machinery industry 2016.   Beier Group introduction Beier Group is founded in 1998. We are the leading brand of plast……

  • Beier Machinery in Canton Fair

    Exhibition time: April 15 –19 2017 Location: China Import and Export Fair Interval: two sessions a year Beier Machinery Booth: 1.1D48 What's in the exhibition? Electronics & Household Electrical Appliances; Lighting Equ……

  • BEIER machinery in Tunisia

    Show information Exhibition time: April 12, 2017 - April 15th Venue: Tunisian City International Trade Exhibition Center Exhibition cycle: two years BEIER Machinery Booth: Hall1,642. Range of exhibition Plastic machinery and e……

  • heater mixer
    Plastic pipeline industry prospects

      In recent years, with the deepening of China’s reform and opening up and the state’s investment in infrastructure construction, the domestic demand of plastic pipe has maintained an average annual growth rate of more than 15%, e……

  • BEIER in Vietnam Hanoi Rubber & Plastic Show

    Introduction to the exhibition The 9th Vietnam Hanoi International Plastic Industry Fair will be held in March 25-25, 2021 in Vietnam Hanoi International Convention and Exhibition Center, a total of 4 days. As a professional represen……

  • Useful PVC formula

    Today, Beier Machinery introduce some useful formulas of PVC products for you. Welcome to exchange information with us. PVC drain pipe: PVC100, coarse whiting250, stearic acid1.8, paraffin0.3, stabilizer5.6, CPE20, titanium dioxide……

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