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PVC Mixing News
  • Beier SRL-W Series Horizontal Mixing Unit

    Beier SRL-W series horizontal mixing unit function and structure: Beier SRL-W Series Horizontal Mixing Unit is used in mixing, stirring, drying, coloring of plastics, rubber£¬chemicals for daily use. PVC mixer machine is an ideal advance……

  • PVC Compounding Mixer
    Introduction to PVC Compounding Mixer

    Beier PVC Compounding Mixer is used in mixing,stirring,drying,coloring of plastics,rubber chemicals for daily use. PVC compounding mixer is an ideal advance equipment of producing plastic board, pipe, profile and degradation plastics. Th……

  • SRL-W PVC Compounding Mixer
    Plastic Brings Consumer Benefits

    Strong, lightweight plastics enable us to live better while contributing to sustainability in many ways—all of which stem from plastics’ ability to help us do more with less. Plastics help us protect the environment by reducing waste, lo……

  • pvc mixer machine
    Jiangsu BEIER Machinery is Awarded For Introducing Foreign Intelligence

    July 11th, 2017, Jiangsu BEIER Machinery is awarded 'model company in introducing foreign intelligence' by JIANGSU Administration of Foreign Exports Affairs. Jianguo Zhang, director of China Administration of Foreign Exports Affairs said……

  • heater mixer
    Welcome Friends From Plastic Association And Business Visit Jiangsu BEIER Machinery Group

    July 8th, 2017, as a part of ' blow molding 2017 conference' program , all participants visited Jiangsu BEIER Machinery Group for its sub-brand BESTAR blow molding technology Co, Ltd. We received our visitors by the highest standard.……

  • BEIER Machinery
    Jiangsu BEIER Machinery Is Awarded In Suzhou Manufacturing Confrence

    In July 3, 2017, Suzhou manufacturing conference is successfully held in Suzhou convention center. Suzhou top 100 industries attend this conference. Li Yaping, Deputy Secretary and executive Mayor of Suzhou hosts the conference. JIANGSU B……

  • heater mixer
    The Maintenance Of The Heater Mixer

    BEIER SHR series heater mixers are mainly used for mixing,colouring, drying and etc,in plastics, rubber, food-stuff .daily chemical industry and so on. SHR series heater mixer adopt advanced design and can be operated easily.safely and re……

  • The Function and Structure of Beier High Speed Mixer

    The high speed mixer machine using electromagnetic speed governing, frequency control and three-speed motor, is suitable for a variety of viscosity. Hydraulic lifting and mechanical lifting can adjust to different location. Explosion-proo……

  • cooler mixer
    The features of Beier cooler mixer

      Beier cooler mixer combined with SHR series high speed mixer is widely used in the process of mixing ,drying and coloring of various plastics. It can cool materials fast which have been just heated. It can also remove the specia……

  • The characteristics of PVC high speed mixer

    PVC high speed mixer machine is a kind of mechanical equipment that using mechanical force and gravity to mix up two or more than two materials. In the process of mixing, the surface area of the material can be increased to promote chemic……

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