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PVC Mixing News
  • pvc-vertical-compounding-mixer
    Mixer Machine is Widely Used in Industry

    Mixer machine as the name implies that you want to mix things together mixing machine, there are many kinds of mixers,such as powder mixer machine,high speed mixer,three dimensional mixer,cone mixer and so on. Mixer is an indispensable pr……

  • high-speed mixer-machine
    Technical Characteristics of Vertical High Speed Mixer Machine

    The vertical high speed mixer machine is a high-efficiency mixing equipment newly developed by Beier company in combination with advanced technology at home and abroad. It can be applied to the mixing, batching, drying and coloring of var……

  • high-speed-mixing-machine
    Factors Affecting the Output of High Speed Mixer Machines

    Material and operational factors affect the output of high speed mixer machines. Operational factors affect the output of high speed mixer machines: 1. The new ring mold of the mold hole is polished before use because the inner wall of ……

  • pvc-vertical-compounding-mixer
    What Aspects Can Improve the Efficiency of Mixers?

    Currently, there are many types of mixing equipment, such as ribbon mixers, cone mixers, v-type mixers, and three-dimensional mixers. No matter what kind of mixers are used, their respective structures are different. For mixer users, the ……

  • High speed mixer
    What Factors Determine the Working Efficiency of High Speed Mixer?

    The level of mixer operating efficiency is mainly determined by the level of manufacturing accuracy of the mixer's model and its equipment. In general, the mixing time required for the horizontal mixer is relatively short, and the vertica……

  • high-speed-mixing-machine
    What Are The Factors That Affect the Mixing Quality of The Mixer Machine?

    The mixing process is actually a process in which convection, diffusion, shearing and other mixing effects coexist at the same time. Any factors that affect the performance of these functions will affect the quality of the mixing process.……

  • PVC High Speed Mixer Abnormal Situation How to Deal With

    In the process of using PVC high-speed mixer, there may be abnormal situations in some time, and people should do a good job in dealing with the related aspects actively so that the entire problem can be better solved. In the end the proc……

  • pvc-high-speed-mixer-machine
    Beier Machinery PVC High Speed Mixer Machine Introduction

    Beier Machinery PVC High Speed Mixer Machine is mainly used in mixing PVC and all kinds of plastic materials mixing, colouring, drying and etc in plastic, rubber, food-stuff, daily chemical industry and so on. Beier Machinery is high qua……

  • PVC-mixer-machine
    Beier Machinery High Quality PVC Mixer Machine

    Beier Machinery high quality PVC mixer machine is developed on the basis of introducing advanced technology from abroad, and it is mainly used for material-prescribing, mixing, coloring and desiccating various kinds of resin and PE, PP, P……

  • PVC-compounding-mixer
    High Speed Plastic PVC Compounding Mixer

    High Speed Plastic PVC Compounding Mixer is mainly used for mixing, coloring and drying of PVC powder material and PP/PE compounding. PVC compounding mixer can also be applied in dryness of ABS. This PVC Compounding Mixer consists of hot……

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